Orthodontists Whitefish Bay | Why Kids Are Seeing Orthodontists Earlier

November 27, 2019

Parents usually have many questions about when the right time is to bring their children to an orthodontist. There is some confusion on the subject of orthodontic treatment for young children and when to see an orthodontist for an initial evaluation. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children at the age of 7 to have an initial evaluation with an orthodontist. This is not so an orthodontist can put braces on your child. Setting appointments with orthodontists Whitefish Bay for your young children is valuable to identify developing orthodontic issues or any orthodontic issues that may already be present.

Why a Seven Years Old Need to See an Orthodontist

Around age 6 or 7, some of the permanent front teeth have erupted as well as the first set of adult molars. When these key dental landmarks are in, it would be easier for an orthodontist to identify how a child’s bite is likely to develop over the following years. An orthodontist can also identify if your child is naturally missing any adult teeth, as well as identify deviations from normal tooth eruption with the help of a panoramic x-ray.

Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist at an Early Age

When the first set of molars are present in the mouth, your orthodontist will have an opportunity to check for a developing malocclusion or “bad bite”. Incisors have also usually begun to come in, which makes problems like open bites, crossbites, deep bites, and crowding can be detected. Although orthodontic treatment usually begins five years after the initial evaluation, it is still helpful in identifying any possible problems with the jaw and teeth at an early age as they may well be easier to treat. Early treatment can also be financially beneficial to address a potential problem than delayed treatment.

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Do You Have Questions You’d Like to Ask Our Orthodontists Whitefish Bay?

If you still have unanswered questions about the timing of your child’s initial orthodontic evaluation, reach out to our orthodontists Whitefish Bay at Bayshore Dental if you want to discuss your concerns. Contact us today for more information.

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